PVL-StockPlus - Custom ROM for Motorola Defy Plus

Original XDA Post: [ROM][v2 - April 18th 2012] PVL-StockPlus [4.5.1-134_DFP-231]

So, after staying at CM for a long time, I came across the recent release of Motorola's ROM. And I must admit, for the first time, I was quite impressed. It was snappy, fast and stable. So, I guess I came to a point where I wanted everything to just work instead of hovering around nightlies, making this stock version a perfect base to rectify Motorola's shortcomings, like the God-awful transitions, the complex and ugly loading icon, and well, root, busybox, memory optimizations and all the other performance goodies. I'm a fan of keeping things simple and elegant, rather than complicating things unnecessarily. And I thought, I would share it this time, for those who prefer to use a stable stock version but will all the goodies. So, here it is: PVL-StockPlus.


wow i never seen a smoother and a faster rom, is very responsive and i love status bar, animations and roboto!! thanks for this awesome rom!!

FraRiva91 (XDA)

Thanks! Rom is very fast and smooth.

korto (XDA)


Base: DEFYPLUS_U3_4.5.1-134_DFP-231-AsiaRetail
Languages: en_US, en_GB, fr_FR, it_IT, es_ES, es_US, de_DE, de_AT, nl_NL, zh_CN, vi_VN, tl_PH, th_TH, id_ID.

Compatible Devices

  • Motorola Defy Plus - MB526
  • Motorola Defy - MB525+
  • Motorola Defy - MB525 (Bayer camera module only, devices with green lens is NOT supported)

Core Additions

  • Rooted.
  • Added Busybox.
  • Added latest Bootmenu.
  • Added 720p video recording and playback.
  • Added panorama mode.
  • Added init.d support.
  • Added official Motorola's full version of QuickOffice instead of Lite.
  • Automatic zip-align on boot.
  • Added ramscript.
  • Enabled Multi-touch support upto 10 points. (Can be edited in /system/build.prop)
  • Adjustable Button Backlight (Can be edited in /system/build.prop)
  • Added Deep Sleep support. (Extends your battery life significantly)
  • Volume Buttons Wake Support.
  • Dalvik Tweaks.
  • Fully De-Odexed.

UI Changes

  • Full black status bar.
  • Full ICS animations.
  • Roboto (ICS) Fonts.
  • Simple circle battery icon.
  • A much simpler and more elegant loading icon.

System Application Changes

  • Added Google Play Music.
  • Removed ZinioReader. (Download it from Market if you'd like)
  • Removed CardioTrainer Stub.
  • Removed MotoLounge Stub.
  • Removed HelpCentre Stub.

Ramscript Configurations

  • minfree - 1536,2048,4096,10240,14800,20360
  • swapiness - 20
  • vfs_cache_pressure - 70
  • dirty_expire_centisecs - 3000
  • dirty_writeback_centisecs - 500
  • dirty_ratio - 15
  • dirty_background_ratio - 3

Download Links

Note: If you're installing it on a Defy (not Defy+), you need to only restore "system" using "Advanced Restore", and flash 4.5.3-109-DHT Kernel from here - http://ge.tt/969Z8xC/v/3.


Note: All the updates below are already integrated into Version 2. You don't have to download any of these below.

  • ResponsivenessUpdate.zip (156Kb) (Will work on any ROM with init.d support - Tweaks to ramscript)
  • MP4VideoUpdate.zip (158Kb) - VGA+ resolution videos including 720p now use MP4 containers. (Info: 720p uses generic MPEG4 Part-2 encoding while others use H264 (Part-10 AVC) as frame-rate with 720p using H264 is too low, although it provides better quality. Edit /system/build.prop if you wish to change that).


[Screenshot 1][Screenshot 2][Screenshot 3][Screenshot 4]

How to Install

  1. Root your Phone and Install Bootmenu (SndInitDefy_2.0.apk)
  2. Extract the downloaded file to the SD card at: /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup
  3. Copy all the update zip files, if any, anywhere into your SD card.
  4. Reboot
  5. Boot into 2nd-init (Volume-Down on Blue LED)
  6. Go to Recovery > Custom Recovery > Backup and Restore > Restore > PVL-StockPlus-v2
  7. To install the updates, if any, choose "Install from zip from sdcard" > Select all the update zips one by one and install.
  8. Wipe data (Optional but recommended) and cache (Strictly required).
  9. Reboot


Version 2 (17th April 2012)

  • Fix: zipalign executable missing.
  • Fix: Panorama mode build.prop typo (Thanks to Walter at XDA)
  • Number of Multi-touch points can be edited in /system/build.prop
  • Button backlight can now be edited in /system/build.prop
  • Added Deep Sleep support. (Extends your battery life significantly)
  • Volume Buttons Wake Support.
  • Dalvik Tweaks.
  • Fully De-Odexed.
  • Added Google Play Music.
  • Integrated all of v1's updates.
  • More build.prop tweaks.

Note: Please use only the XDA thread for comments, questions, requests and/or suggestions.

For those who share my taste and prefer simplicity, enjoy. Others, no one's stopping you either.