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I've been a Microsoft Insider ever since its inception, and I have a habit of sending detailed bug reports and patches if I have the time to pretty much most of the open source software I tend to use for over a few hours. Keeping with that habit, there's quite a lot feedback that I had submitted early on (At the time of writing this, I probably have around a hundred feedbacks already). And not long ago, the Insider Hub app got a bunch of Achievements (a potential attempt at a basic gamification to encourage participation). And well, seems like as of a few days ago, I've gotten all of the so-called "Achievements". Ha! - I did think it was rather childish of me to write about this. However, it's simple, easy and helps shape the platform. Perhaps it may add a little more motivation for someone.


I generally tend to live on the bleeding-edge. Most of my systems are almost always on the fast-ring, and run pre-release software. So, apart from the usual place I call home (GitHub), Microsoft Feedback has off-late become a kinda of this tiny boat away from home that I go to for Microsoft's closed source softwares. Sometimes I wish they'd just use GitHub, but understandably, this is for everyone and the conduct in the Feedback app is.. well, different - redundant but concise, non-technical but hits the nail on UX, quite unrefined but unavoidably hilarious at times.