And I blog!

After years of pointless contemplation, today the thought struck me enough to act. May it be the tiny little scripts, softwares tests or personal reviews, or projects that I work on, its great to learn, but its probably high time I share my experiences somewhere. Well, if it wasn't for all those tutorials and blogs that ended up in my Google results years ago, I probably wouldn't have learnt what I have (PS: And it also teaches you how to filter out both non-sense and very seemingly scientific but highly inaccurate and misleading information, which unfortunately makes up about 90% of the internet). The internet has always been my primary source of knowledge since childhood. I was one of those kids - "Mom, why are these books clogging up our home?, we have Internet!", "Mom, why do you want to go to the railway station for a simple ticket? we have Internet!", "Grandpa, why do you keep tuning that radio, we have Internet!". Well, gone are the days when my mom used to lecture me to use real books, and how the internet can never replace them. Now my mom's got high-tech tablet, uses a smartphone, and not just depends on the internet, but is even considering possible paths for an internet-based career in medicine.

The world has changed. Internet isn't the source of information just for the high-tech research scientists, and the twelve-year-old crazy kid who dreamed of a world where there was one tool for all trivial tasks (and of course, getting hours of lecture from his mom for just thinking so). It is where roughly 60% of the world today (blissfully unscientific speculation) turn to for any kind of information! And from a technical perspective, I've learnt pretty much all that I know from the internet, not from hard-copy books or college lectures. (Well, but of course, college is what taught me how to live. And more importantly, who else would teach me how to memorize absolutely pointless and outdated pieces of information without any real practical incentive? All credits go to Indian colleges!)

Okay. Enough rambling. With the hopes of my personal experiences benefitting someone, somewhere, sometime, and with inspirations from experts like Mark Russinovich, Guido van Rossum and Dough Hellman among others, all of whom still somehow manage to find time to blog their experiences - I decide to share mine here. It may be useful, it may be stupid, it may be overly technical, or it might just be the exact thing you were looking for. But here, my blog, shall be.